What do I need

  What do I need?

Firstly, HouseHeat will only fit onto a body of a Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV).  These need to be in place in order to fit the HouseHeat system. (If you don’t have TRVs and you have the old manual type on/off valves then they will need to be changed.) HouseTech sells its own TRV bodies where the system will fit straight on without the need for an adapter. (Please visit our shop.) If you do already have a TRV in place then you may need an adapter depending on which type you have.  HouseTech have adapters to fit 99% of all domestic valve bodies in the UK.  Please see the adapter list.

For every room that you wish to control you will need a HouseHeat wireless room thermostat.

The other main component of the system is the Valve Motor. This sits on the radiator and takes the place of a Thermostatic Radiator Valve head. (See picture below). The number of valve motors you will need depends on the number of radiators in that room. So if you have a lounge with 3 radiators you will need 1 thermostat and 3 radiator valve motors.

All the valve motors for the room you wish to control will be able to be paired with the thermostat as the thermostat sends out its own unique code to the valve motors. This means that the thermostat will not communicate with the radiators in another room.

The thermostat can communicate with up to 8 valve motors. However, as it measures the air temperature directly around it, there is no point having a thermostat in the lounge controlling a bedroom as the temperature in the bedroom will be different to the lounge and the bedroom will be set to a different time schedule. So ideally you should have a thermostat for each room you wish to control.

The system is wireless and simple to set up. The system can be purchased over a period of time and on a room-by-roombasis.   

Please refer to our TRV list under Do I need an adapter to see if you need one to connect the HouseHeat valve to the TRV body.


                                         An example of a TRV. Normally they have numbers on the head.


HouseHeat Thermostat on left valve motor on right