Commercial Client Testimonials

Haringey Council Schools Project

Involved a simple swap of TRV heads to HouseHeat controls using the existing TRV body.

Below is from  Haringey Council Energy Dept.

Regarding the financial savings, please see the following evidence:

We anticipated Highgate’s annual cost reductions of £3,311.

The figures I have provided you translate to financial savings of £4,104.

This means that, even before the loan is repaid, the school will benefit by £14,220, which is £5,947 more than anticipated.

St Aloysius Primary School, Oxford

‘ HouseTech have provided us with a solution to classrooms that were either too hot or too cold, greatly improving the learning environment at our school. Their service was prompt, friendly and efficient and the system is easy to use. We are already starting to see energy savings with heat no longer vanishing out of open windows!! ‘

Tom Walker Head teacher St Aloysius Catholic Primary School Oxford

Estates Manager

St Helen and St Katharine School, Oxford

We have used the Housetech system to provide local control in a large old heating system and achieved excellent results in preventing overheating in classrooms. The teaching staff are very pleased with the improvement in their room environment, thank you for your help and assistance”

Thank you and best regards

Daniel Lee

Estates Manager

Staffordshire University, Carlton House 

For your information our like for like usage per room based on December quarter 2011 v December quarter 2010 Kwh usage was down by 54%. Even taking into account the weather this is a really impressive outcome. 

Jeff Nash

Rosebank Care Home, Bampton, Oxfordshire

In October 2010 Rosebank Care Home was approached by HouseTech Solutions Ltd about their Househeat System.

At this time Rosebank had high energy bills and a heating system that was either overheating rooms or under heating .Their was no control for each individual to meet their personal preferences for room temperature. Radiators were either on or off.

The Househeat system was installed and had an immediate beneficial effect throughout the home. Rooms are set to meet individual needs. Settings are reduced for when residence are out of their rooms. The home is more comfortable for both residents and staff. I particularly like that the temperature setting is automatically reduced when a window opens.

The system has also helped to reduce our energy bills.

I have no hesitation in recommending the system within the care home sector.

Jane Roberts



Beech Haven Care Home , Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

Hi David,

Thanks for finishing the work today.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and am really impressed with the product so please don't hesitate to use me as a reference if you need to in the future.

Ley Community Care Home, Yarnton, Oxfordshire

I was impressed with the speed and efficiency with which the HouseTech

system was installed across our site.  The staff were unobtrusive yet

diligent and courteous when working around our client group.  

The system is already paying dividends financially and I wouldn't

hesitate to recommend the system to other care homes.


Wendy Dawson, Chief Executive, The Ley Community

Centre for Social Justice Award Winner 2010