Q What type of batteries do the thermostat and valve motor use?

A both use aa batteries

Q What is the life expectancy of the batteries?

A About 2 years this can vary and is just a guideline.

Q Do I have to re programe the valve to the thermostat after changing the batteries?

A No, it remembers which thermostat it was paired to

Q Does the system make a noise?

A Naturally as the valve motor is pressing on the TRV pin it makes a slight noise but we have installed in many hotels and never had one complaint about noise. The system is highly geared so noise is very minimal.

Q My TRV (T.R.V) is not listed so how do I know if I need an adapter?

A We recommend buying the system without adapters as in many cases you don't need one. You can then tell us after trying the valve if it does not fit then we recommend one for you.

Q Will water come out when I unscrew the top of my Thermostatic Radiator Valves head ?

A No it should not unless the rad valve is very old but even then it will be a small amount. It will just mean that the rubber seal around the head has perished so it is time to change the TRV anyway.

Q Can I use any rad valve if mine needs replacing?

A Yes although we recommend our own as that way you don't have to buy an adapter as our valve motor will screw directly to it.