Do I need an adapter?

                    Do I need an adapter fit Househeat to my existing TRV body?



The UK has approximately 50 TRV manufacturers in the market. The different manufacturers  may have 3 or 4 different  TRV types eg Drayton TRV  3,  TRV  4, and Drayton TRV lifestyle.

The HouseHeat system will fit to the incumbent metal TRV body without the need for an adapter in about 60 per cent of cases. As shown in the video at the  very bottom of the homepage just unscrew the TRV head and screw the HouseHeat valve in its place.

We have listed some of the most popular TRV types below to show if a HouseTech TRV adapter is needed.

In some cases we do not have an adapter and the only way of fitting our system is to change the TRV for a new one. HouseTech sell their own TRV bodies if you visit our web shop. (obviously no need for an adapter with these).

A quick method of establishing if you need an adapter is to take the head off your TRV by unscrewing it. You are then left with a metal TRV body with a small metal pin sticking out of the centre. Then carefully measure from edge to edge of the circle (the diameter) if the diameter is 28mm then adapter no 1 is needed. If the diameter of the TRV head is 30mm there is a good chance that no adapter is needed but please refer to the TRV list below to see if your TRV needs one.


TRV Make                                      TRV adapter needed


Danfoss                                            Danfoss adapter


Drayton TRV 4                             No adapter required  

Drayton TRV3                              adapter no 1

Drayton Lifestyle                        HouseHeat does not have an adapter so new TRV body required                        

Herz                                               adapter no 1

Honeywell                                     No adapters are needed for Honeywell TRVs

Pegler  Bulldog                             No adapter required

Pegler Terrier                               No adapter required

Pegler Mistral                                No adapter required

Pegler Belmont 4                         No adapter required

Tower TRV                                      No adapter required

Salus TRV                                       No adapter required

Myson Petite                                  No adapter required

Myson 2 way                                   No adapter required

Comap Westherm 5                        adapter no 2

Comap Senso                                  adapter no 2

Ecocal TRV                                      No adapter required

BSS Boss                                          No adapter required

HerzJunkers                                             No adapter required

Oventrop 30mm x 1.5                     No adapter required

Oventrop 30mm x 1                        Adapter no 2 required

Herz                                                   Adapter no 1

Myson                                               Adapter no 1

Siemens                                           Adapter no 2

Westherm thread m28                   Adapter no 1